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Psychological Type and Culture East and West

January 5-7, 2012

Call for Papers 2012

Conference Organization

The program is being organized by Raymond Moody, University of Hawaii, Jerry Macdaid, Consultant, and the Honolulu Type Ohana. The Conference will extend for three days, January 5-7, 2012. The goal of the conference is to examine the application of psychological type across cultures, to better understand culture and type.

Presenters are asked to submit an abstract (approximately 200 to 300 words) by October 1, 2011 in .doc or .rtf format. The abstracts are reviewed by a reviewing committee and presenters informed about acceptance on or before November 1, 2011. Priority will be given to empirical research or theoretical work with direct empirical applications.

If your abstract is accepted, then you will be asked to submit your full paper and your presentation slides (or PowerPoint) according to instructions that will be sent to you. Accepted abstracts, selected papers, and presentations will be published in the conference proceedings.

Send abstracts to (or e-mail): Raymond Moodymoody@hawaii.edu
P.O. Box 11099
Honolulu, HI 96828

Presentation Format

Presentations can take two standard formats:

1. Regular Presentation: Spaced 50 minutes apart on the schedule, with approximately 40 minutes spent on the presentation, 5 minutes for questions, and 5 minutes for people to change rooms. Most presentations will be in this format. There may also be 2 or more concurrent sessions.

2. Panel Discussion: Also given 50-minute time slots, with approximately 10 minutes spent on introducing the panelists and agenda, 35 minutes of questions and discussion, and 5 minutes for people to change rooms. Panelists should be experts in a common area of specialization of interest to conference attendees. If you would like to organize and lead a panel discussion, then please submit an abstract containing the agenda, and listing your panelists as co-authors.

Submission Guidelines

When submitting an extended abstract, please:

1. Choose a file name that is your paper title or an abbreviation thereof, followed by ".rtf" or ".doc". For example, if your title is "Psychological Type and Cultural Values" then your abstract file name could be "Type&Values.rtf", whereas if your title were "Origami Types" then your abstract file name could be "OrigamiTypes.rtf".

2. Include the title of your proposed paper, your name, title/degree, and contact information.

3. Include the .doc or .rtf type declaration.

4. Validate your file: running the spell checker, and tidy to fix any errors.

Conference Site:

For registration information, e-mail to: Type and Culture

Conference Registration:

Conference fee is $200 before November 1, 2011, $250 after November 1, 2011.

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